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January 12th, 2009


I know that it takes virtually no effort to sit down and just write a comic strip a mere once a week. But I won’t lie, life has been very difficult as of late, and still is. As a result, the will to write is low, and I have a really hard time doing so because the stress in my life right now is the most magically effective writer’s block you can imagine. But it’s time I stopped bitching, and at least try to get back on the horse. Coming up with ideas is tough in the midst of all the crap I’m dealing with right now, but I accomplish even less sitting on my ass all day brooding. So I’m making the active decision to kick my brooding ass back into gear, and channel my energy in a better direction. If anyone out there was following our comic through all this, I’m sorry. Feel free to e-kick me right in the tail-feathers if you see fit. -Temp

Yeah, so this is equally my problem now too, I have had the script for about a month and its been awhile since the last true strip in October… but I do have another one lined up for next week. You may notice that it is looking more “sketchy,” this is due to me using the tablet to ink over everything, I think it looks good for now, hopefully it’ll smooth out over time. Sorry for any inconveniences. -Timber Wolf

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